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To retrieve your own smile, maintain your body and soul with the touch of a warm hand!


WHO (World Health Organization) describes "Shiatsu" as a manual therapy of Japanese origin in which pressure is applied with thumbs, palms, etc., to certain points of the body. It is a distinctive kind of pressure therapy which generates pleasant sensations, and thus stimulates the body to use its innate, natural powers of recuperation.

At Megumi Shiatsu Clinic, you can receive authentic Shiatsu therapy by a Japanese trained practitioner in suitable settings for traditional therapy - Tatami (straw-mat) and Futon (Japanese-style bedding).
No gadgets, no gimmicks, Shiatsu is a natural therapy; the fingers and palms of a trained Shiatsu therapist are sensitive enough to read the condition of a patient on contact. Detecting abnormalities in the patient's body through touching, the therapist applies Shiatsu at the same time with controlled pressure.

This is called "Shindan Soku Chiryo", or "Diagnosis and Therapy Combined", and all therapies of Megumi Shiatsu Clinic are based on this approach.

Shiatsu therapy is effective not only for exercise-related problems in terms of bones, joints and muscles, but also for autonomic imbalance problems in terms of respiratory, circulatory and digestive organs.

NOTE; In Japan, anyone who wishes to practice massage and/or Shiatsu must pass the relevant national examination and obtain a license in massage / Shiatsu from the Minister of Health and Welfare. The law also outlines the requirements that the practitioner must have studied more than three years at a school recognized by the Minister of Education, Science and Culture, and have obtained the knowledge and technical skills necessary to be a massage practitioner, including anatomy, physiology, pathology, and oriental medicine. If you seek safe and effective Shiatsu therapy, it is wise to make sure that the practitioner is licensed.