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Megumi Shiatsu Clinic




To retrieve your own smile, maintain your body and soul with the touch of a warm hand!

About Therapist

Megumi Okubo

Shiatsu, Massage and Medical Lymphdrainage Therapist
License No. 134619
Graduated from Japan Shiatsu College
Board member of the Shiatsu Society of Japan

Are you satisfied with Shiatsu and massage done in the same way for anyone at any time just as written in manuals, or sold off in slots of 10 minutes?

I started "Megumi Shiatsu Clinic" for people who are looking for authentic Shiatsu therapy, which is one of the natural and traditional therapies to strengthen your natural healing ability.
If you want to be healthy, I think that it is meaningless for everyone to make efforts to achieve a stereotyped "perfect body". The ways to be healthy should be as diverse and dynamic as we are. It is crucial, therefore, for a Shiatsu practitioner to take enough time to communicate with the patient's body by touching with a warm hand.
I am willing to help you to bring out as much of your power as possible from your body and soul in order to improve your quality of life.