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Megumi Shiatsu Clinic




To retrieve your own smile, maintain your body and soul with the touch of a warm hand!

Megumi Shiatsu Clinic's Philosophy

As a professional of manual therapy, I am dedicated to working through the mental and physical issues of people in the community and to energizing their zest of living so that they can enjoy their own everyday lives in a healthy and lively way.

Power of touching - Custom-made Shiatsu Therapy

In my Shiatsu clinic, you can consult a nationally licensed therapist of Anma (Japanese traditional massage), massage, and Shiatsu (finger pressure) personally

Your sessions will be developed based on the following two manual therapies.

In addition to the above, stretching, Anma (Japanese traditional massage), lymphatic drainage,
myofascial release and joint mobilization will be applied to give a comprehensive approach to your problem.

If you are not sure whether Shiatsu and / or aromatic oil massage are suitable to ease your symptoms,
please feel free to consult me by telephone or e-mail.
The following are some examples of indications.

● Principle of systemic therapy

In principal, I practice Shiatsu not only on the affected area but also on your entire body.
Treating only the affected area may be effective as a symptomatic treatment.
Treating your entire body maximizes the healing power of Shiatsu and massage, has the potential as a basic remedy to ease your symptoms, and its effects can last longer.

● Private, relaxing, and healing space exclusively for you

Each appointment is booked so that there can be enough time between the appointments and so that you can have private relaxing and healing time at Megumi Shiatsu Clinic. Therefore, the number of patients per day is limited. Please make appointments by phone or by e-mail. Please ask if you need to book late or early sessions.
The clinic is also child-friendly. Parents with children are welcome! Toys and books are available. Baby-sitting service can be arranged on request.